A powerful Crypto Sniper Bot in your Hands

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Crypto Snipe & Front Run Bot

All around Crypto Sniper Bot with weekly updates adapting to the market. Dex Sniper the leading Sniping Bot everyone should have.

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Full Protection & Full Support

Protection against Rugs & Honeypots, taxed blocks, dead blocks detection and contract monitored in real time to save your funds. 


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Use it from everywhere

On computer or any mobile device giving you the flexibility to never miss a launch whenever you need. The ultimate DeFi solution for any project.

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Everything in a single Tool

Different Buy & Sell methods other than Snipe with multi wallet support, automatic Block and Gas detection. Copy Trade/Mirror mode and Sandwich function available for advanced users.

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Easy Setup & Use with Free Updates

Detailed Guide explains the Bot step by step and if that's not enough you can ask for our help anytime. Private nodes included and private group for daily Sniping calls.

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Dex Sniper

Snipe and Front Run from Computer or Mobile on over 40 DEX and 10 Networks supported. The most complete Sniper Bot you will find around.

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Multiple Functions
Your Strategy

Our Bots are equipped with the latest functions up to date to adapt to the market and provide you the best experience ever. Over 65 functions to operate with to make your own strategy or just leave the Bot do it automatically for you for the best result. 

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Customize Your Bot

Unique and customizable Bots for your needs. Message us to discuss and plan the perfect Bot for you, a dedicated team will assist you and create the whole code and provide updates as you like.

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What are you waiting for?

Pick you own Sniping Bot and join us! A private community group it's waiting for you, which is available only for customers. Learn before anyone about upcoming projects and tricks how to maximize your profits from other experienced users, a community helping each other in real time.


Snipe, Buy and Sell Mode

Sandwich Mode and Anti Blacklist

Market Making

Multi Wallet

Stop Loss, Limit Orders and Trial Stop

AntiRug, AntiBot and Contract Scanner

Honeypot, Taxed Blocks and Dead Blocks Detection

Method ID and Open Trade

Auto Buy and Auto Sell with Profit Monitored

Telegram Scraper

Front Run Mode

Copy trade/Mirror Mode

Contract Add-on

Private Nodes and Free Updates


950 USD
Any Cryptocurrency it's Accepted

1500 USD
Any Cryptocurrency it's Accepted

2900 USD
Any Cryptocurrency it's Accepted