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What is a Sniper Bot?

The bot allows you to buy any newly added token in amazing speeds ( up to 1 second from the time of the listing). It is called “sniping” which can make you a big amount of profit. The bot works by: Connecting to the blockchain network, scanning for all mempool / pending transactions, finding and matching the liquidity add transaction of the token you are trying to snipe and then placing the buy order in the same block. This will give you huge advantage with the possibility to make insane profits in a short amount of time.

Is it easy to use and install? Are there any requirements?

The tool is quite easy to use, but for some that would like assistance on using it and setting it up very detailed PDF instructions are included and we provide full Support whenever you need. Our Sniping Bots currently working on on any system on Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Does it need a crypto wallet? Which one do i need? 

Yes, a wallet will be needed so the bot has somewhere to send the bought tokens. The instructions that i include does show how to make a brand new MetaMask wallet and how to connect it to the bot. It is very easy to do. Trustwallet will work as well, but MetaMask is highly suggested as it will give you more control over the sniped tokens.

Updates and Support are included?

We are on telegram for full Support anytime when you feel like you need, you can also ask for help to other users in the group if you want. Updates and Private Node are included for free on any product.

What else it's included?

As you read over our FAQs section, there Updates and Node are included but there is also a Private Group for customers for early calls on the best projects to Snipe and make the best out of them.

Is there any coding Knowledge needed?

No, the Bots are fairly easy to use and you can't miss anything with the full PDF guide included and our Support. Bots are open source so if you have any experience you can read it all.

Do I Need a VPS?

Absolutely no! You don't need a VPS at all, the only thing you need it's a Node for the blockchain you want to use the Bot on, but we already provide them for you.

Why should I choose your Bots?

We are the only ones having a multi chain Bot that does Snipe and Front Run at same time, a fully working source contract scanner and countless features you won't find somewhere else. Our Bots are being constantly updated to adapt to the market and guarantee you the best experience.

How about AntiBot?

Don't worry, we got your back on this one too! All Bots are equipped with the latest Anti Bot feature out there and being updated constantly. It's pretty common nowadays that most Devs will implement an advanced Anti Bot function on their projects and a simple Sniper won't be enough to bypass it, with Dex Bots you will forget about this problem.

How a Sniper Bot Works


The maker cryptographically signs an order indicating their willingness to exchange one type of BSC, ERC20 or any other network token for a different type of token, at a specific exchange rate, for a limited window of time, providing a fee to the target relayer which is only paid upon settlement.


The relayer receives the order, authenticates the cryptographic signature, verifies availability of funds and the order provides a sufficient fee. If something is unsatisfactory, the process ends here. Otherwise, the relayer adds the order to their order book.

Relayer Liquidity Pool

When orders are added to the order book, clients receive an update notifying them of the new order.


An interested counter party creates a transaction that will inject the desired order into an smart contract responsible for atomically moving funds between the two parties at the specified exchange rate.

Pending TX

Dex Sniper

Dex Sniper observes taker's transaction in the network mempool, creates their own transaction on same network attempting to fill the same order, sets a higher gas price and broadcasts the tx to network.


The miner selects a set of high gas price transaction from the network mempool and arranges them into a block. The front-runner's transaction is given higher priority, causing the taker's transaction to fail and consume gas.




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