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Manual Trading vs Using a Crypto Sniper Bot

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Making money by trading cryptocurrencies is becoming increasingly popular. Every year, more and more people start their way and become millionaires in a short period of time - in a few years or even in a few months. Of course, not everyone succeeds. 95% of traders lose their money. It's true. But still, the question arises, what is so special about those who earn big money? Maybe they work harder than everyone else? Or maybe they have some secret knowledge? No, it's that they use the right tools and strategies. One such tool and assistant is the crypto sniper bot. Let's find out the differences between manual trading and trading with a trading bot!

Placing a Bid

Speed of decision-making is a fundamental factor that leads to success. Investors are the ones who buy blue chips and wait long years for them to rise in value to lock in profits. The difference for traders is that they tend not to have a lot of capital, so they have to earn a lot more than 10-15% per annum. And this is only possible if a large number of trades are opened. Thus, one of the most important attributes of a successful trader is the speed of thought and speed of action. Ask your friend to open the calculator app on his phone or computer and try to beat him in arithmetic calculations. You won't even try, will you?

Similar is the case with trading when you need to open a large number of trades. The task of the sniper bot is to automatically place a bid on an auction item at the last possible moment when the last bidder is sure that he is the winner. Of course, even with the most powerful computer and the fastest internet connection, you won't be able to place a bid at the very last moment before the end of the auction. And even if you can, it's unlikely that you'll spend your time sitting in front of your computer screen and waiting for the auctions to end.

Buying a Newly Added Token

It's commonly known that an early bird gets the worm. This is true in the world of cryptocurrency. Usually, when a new token appears, it attracts a lot of attention, because everyone understands: it can take just a few hours or days and the price will grow by 10, 20, or even hundreds of times. The most money is made by those who buy a token as early as possible, right after the listing. Manual trading is meaningless in this case. A sniper bot is designed to detect your desired tokens as soon as they are listed on the marketplace and buy them in a predetermined amount. Note that if you do decide to buy newly added tokens manually, you will be competing with a large number of sniper bots whose owners are resting or doing other important things.

Funds Protection

There is a lot of trickery in the world of cryptocurrency. Many people understand that this or that token has value as long as the general public believes in it. If token founders support partners, pay affiliate fees, promote their token through social networks and messengers, and maintain its popularity in other ways, the price rises. But another danger appears. In such a case, they may be tempted to run away with the money.

Some sniper bots, Dex Sniper in particular, come with a unique feature. The bot has a front run function and anti rug. In other words, it is trained to sell your tokens in full before the coin owner decides to run away with the money. Try doing it manually and you might only be a few seconds late! Buying or trading on newly released tokens is always risky. While doing it with the Dex Sniper bot, you have a huge advantage, which is you will be able to read a contract in advance to determine if a particular coin is a honeypot as well as sell in advance if bad things are about to happen.


Manual trading is the right thing to start with for those who want to try their luck at making money in the cryptocurrency market. But serious earnings are possible only if professional tools are used. One of them is the Dex Sniper bot. This is a powerful crypto sniper bot that is designed to monitor time-based activity and submit bids at the very last moment, to help you overcome other traders who trade manually or use other trading bots.

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