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What Are Sniper Bots and How Do They Work?

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

How cool would it be to buy new coins before their price goes up!

Imagine this: a new coin just appeared on the market, and in a few seconds its price went up by 10%. A few minutes later, the value doubled. The biggest money is made by those who are buying at once. So how do you do that? Maybe you need a fast Internet connection or a powerful computer? No, that will not help! Destroying the refresh button? Definitely not an option! Sniper bots are the solution! Dex Sniper is the market leader in crypto sniper bots which allows you to buy newly added tokens up to 1 second from the time of the listing!

What Are Sniper Bots?

Imagine an auction where something precious is being sold. You've already decided on the maximum price you're willing to pay. The only problem is that there are a lot of bidders, and the closer you get to the end, the higher the bid grows. It takes a long time to participate in such an auction. But what if you want to participate in several or several dozen such events at the same time? That's possible with a front run sniper bot.

It works very cleverly:

  • First, you specify your maximum bid amount for an item;

  • The bot takes part in the bidding process, raising the price to the level you specify;

  • If the price exceeds the maximum bid amount you set, the bot stops bidding.

  • In simple words, the bot works on your behalf and buys auction items at a bargain price.

How Do Crypto Sniper Bots Make Money?

Crypto sniper bot is a trading bot whose job is to buy newly added tokens. The faster the better, because coins often increase in value in a few seconds or minutes after being listed.

In this case, manual trading is practically impossible. You can't just sit at your computer all the time and wait for a new coin to show up! But a crypto sniper bot can! Here is how it works:

  • The bot connects to the blockchain network;

  • It's scanning for all pending transactions, finding and matching the liquidity add transaction of a particular token:

  • The bot places the buy order in the same block.

Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it?

While it does sound quite obvious, in reality, there are many presale sniper bots that have already overcrowded the market. Some of them are slow and unreliable, some are decent. But what the overwhelming majority of them lack is speed. In other words, they cannot check the price as quickly as needed to make a profit.

Here comes the best solution available on the market - Dex Sniper.

What Is Dex Sniper, and Why Is It a Game Changer?

Dex Sniper is a sniper bot that is designed for both beginning and professional traders. It’s easy to use, fast as a Lambo, and doesn’t require any coding skills.

  • Speed. The most important advantage of Dex Sniper is that it allows you to buy newly added tokens at truly amazing speeds - up to 1 second from the time they are listed. When you trade manually, you connect the exchange via a mobile app or web interface. Even if the internet connection is fast, your device may go down, you may not be online the moment a token is listed.

  • Trade automation. You no longer have to waste time tracking token listings. It's one thing when you know that a certain token will be available to traders soon, and quite another when the listing date is unknown. Dex Sniper is awake 24/7.

  • Cross-platform solution. You can use it on your Windows-based laptop, Mac, or Linux-based device.

  • Crash protection. With Dex Sniper, you are always ready for the sale. When trading manually, you can forget about increasing the percentage of the slip. What a pain it is to miss buying the token knowing it would make you a profit!

  • Constantly updated. The world of crypto trading is evolving every day. The BSC sniping bot that was profitable yesterday may no longer work today. The development team behind Dex Sniper is constantly taking care to make sure it works as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to install the bot?

Not at all, the majority of Dex Sniper users are ordinary users who have no understanding of programming, coding and other technical things.

Do I need a crypto wallet?

Yes, you do. Without a wallet you wouldn’t be able to receive tokens sent by the bot. If you already own a MetaMask wallet, it’s enough. Another option is Trustwallet. But MetaMask is better since it gives you more flexibility and more control over your tokens.

Do I need a VPS?

No, you don’t. What you do need is a Node for the blockchain you’re about to use your bot on. The great thing is we provide them for every one of our customers.

Is it legit?

It’s been calculated that 38% of crypto users trade with bots. On top of that, nobody actually cares how you buy and sell tokens. It’s up to you to either spend long hours sitting in front of your computer or set up Dex Sniper and do other things.

Is there any guarantee that I will be earning with Dex Sniper?

Dex Sniper is a piece of software. It is designed to do what you tell it to do. There is no guarantee that the price of your chosen token will go up or down as you think it will.

Why Dex Sniper?

It’s fast, reliable, constantly updated and designed to make you a profit without any additional effort. On top of that, it comes with some unique features. For instance, it is integrated with a front run function and anti rug which gives the bot the possibility to sell everything before the coin owner decides to run away with the money.


Crypto trading is a great way to make money. New tokens appear regularly. This means that we constantly have the opportunity to earn from the growth of their prices in the initial phase. This kind of trading is beyond human control, we just can't react that fast, even if we spend all our time at the computer. Leaving this task to a bot is the right decision. Dex Sniper works on you and for you. As of fall 2022, it is the best solution on the market. You can appreciate it by trying how it works. So don't put it off, start testing Dex Sniper right now!

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